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With over 120 years experience between us, we may be the most experienced team of butchers in the region.

Louis Dallard

Business Owner and Butcher

Louis joined the team as an apprentice under Steve’s management in 2016. Louis took to the role like a cow to pasture and is now the director of Stephens Butchers, taking over from Steve in November 2022. Louis’ favourite cut is a Rib-Eye steak due to its marbling, tenderness and flavour.


Production Manager (and Master Butcher)

Master Butcher Paul oversees all the meat that we supply, he maintains relationships with our suppliers, ensuring we get the highest quality stock. Paul has been in the industry his whole life, starting as a butcher, working in abattoirs, farming and now is now back to being a butcher – he might be one of the most knowledgeable butchers in the region. Paul’s favourite cut of meat is ½ a leg of lamb from the shank-end.


Part-Time Butcher, Shop Supervisor.

Steve is the former owner, taking over from Melvin in 1997. He has recently passed on the role to Louis, but remains with the team and is mainly seen in the shop serving customers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Steve’s favourite cuts are slow cooked cuts such as shoulder of lamb, brisket and spare rib pork.


Chief sausage maker

Our Chief Sausage Maker, Darren has been with the team for over 16 years. He does everything from keeping the shop counters full of lovely choices to making sausages and faggots. We could not manage without a man like Darren! Darren’s favourite cut of meat is a rump steak.


Customer service assistant.

Kathy has been working with us on and off since Christmas 2020 and as she loved it so much she joined the team and can be found on Tuesdays in the shop


Part-time Butcher

Ellen has spent 20 years working as a butcher and is our most recent team member, joining us at the start of 2023.

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