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About Our Produce

All of our meat is farmed within 10 miles of Glastonbury with most sourced from surrounding villages within 3 miles of the town. We work closely with the farmers to ensure the meat we provide comes from free range farms and reared under the best conditions, raised outdoors and grass fed.

We ensure we pay a fair price to our farmers and work closely with a number of suppliers to ensure the best cuts reach your chopping board. Our beef is reared on Wick Farm at the foot of Glastonbury Tor by Dan White. The cattle are pure Angus cows. We source our lambs from farms in Walton, Meare, Butleigh and other local villages and our outdoor reared Pork comes from two farms in the Taunton area. We sell Cracknell’s Free Range chickens, ducks and geese from Huish Episcopi and Free Range Turkeys from Hector’s of Wedmore. Game meat is also available, including pheasant when in season and venison available year round.

Farmhouse cheese, Free Range Eggs and so much more

Our delicatessen section will be online soon and will feature the many locally sourced items that are so popular in our shop. From strong farmhouse cheddar to marmalade to hand crafted scotch eggs and pork pies our delicatessen will be the one stop shop for your next lunch or picnic.

Hot homemade pies, pasties and sausage rolls

Freshly made in the shop using our always fine quality ingredients. Nothing but high quality meat and vegetables. Pasties and Sausage Rolls are available Tuesday’s and Fridays and always sell out so come in to the store early to grab yours. They will also be available online soon so you can order for home delivery or store collection.

Whites of Wick

Aberdeen Angus Beef

Finest Quality home bred and produced Beef. Delicious meat from happy animals, direct to you.

Our beef is supplied by Dan White of Wick Farm which is located at the foot of Glastonbury Tor less than 2 miles from the shop. The cattle are Aberdeen Angus, which are reared outdoors and grass fed for the highest quality beef cuts. All our beef is hung for 21 days prior to sale to ensure maximum quality and flavour.

Cracknell’s Farm

Free range chickens / poultry

Cracknell’s farm is, located between Langport and Somerton; approximately 12 miles from our shop. At any one time there are approximately 2,000 chickens roaming 9 acres of pasture, along with a couple hundred ducks.

Pocock’s Poultry

A local family run business, established in 1849, Pocock’s take pride in offering the highest quality poultry, locally reared and free range, in-season game.

Batch Farm

Batch Farm is a family run farm situated in an idyllic setting on the Pennard ridge with views of the Glastonbury Tor and the Mendips beyond. Cheese is made at Batch Farm by Jean Turner and Malcolm and Stephen Dyer while Jean’s son John works within the business in the order preparation and despatch department.

Wookey Goat Farm

Their lovely British Toggenburg goats produce deliciously creamy milk which is ideal for cheese making; they also produce good quality meat. We have partnered-up with Sarah, the owner, from Wookey Goat Farm in the last year and we have been butchering her goats for her farm shop and our shop.

Wiltshire Bacon

Wiltshire Bacon produce 100% British Pork products of the highest quality – pigs are fed well on high-quality feed and live in happy outdoor environments. For the past 5 years, Wiltshire Bacon have supplied the gammons we sell and cook in our shop.

Tracy Lockyer – Sheep farmer, Shapwick

Tracey was lucky enough to be brought up on a farm and loved her childhood farming and being outdoors. They had every type of agricultural animal and she had her first pet lamb at 8 years old.

Even though after leaving school Tracey worked full time, she continued at every chance to farm sheep with my dad from 2002.

When her Dad passed away in 2015, she continued with his sheep and now has 125 ewes which she lambs by herself every spring.

Tracey mainly has Texels and Beltex and prefers to keep her own ewe lambs to breed from.

She also takes part at local shows during the summer and Christmas fatstocks.

Somerset Smokehouse

Based in Meare, Matt and Annabelle, have been producing the most fantastic scotch-eggs in the region using our sausage meat and free-range eggs from our supplier.


Based in Baltonsbourgh, the Moon brothers produce high-quality pork. This is somewhere our Master-Butcher Paul used to work.

What’s Next?